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About WHO

Work Health Options (WHO) is an Australian owned and operated company, with over 25 years’ experience in the workers compensation industry.

About WHO

Work Health Options (WHO) is an Australian owned and operated company, with over 25 years’ experience in the workers compensation industry. We provide professional advice to companies, partnerships, sole traders and individuals in matters relating to workers compensation insurance, such as risk identification, policy requirements, risk minimisation and claims management.

WHO are a professional and multi-disciplined team that provide a range of services to manage your specific workplace needs with extensive experience in:

  • National development and placement of workers compensation Insurance Programmes
  • Workers Compensation consulting and claims management
  • Negotiating premiums and premium projections
  • Injury Management and Return to Work Services
  • GP and Independent Specialist networks
  • Medical, Legal, Investigative and other provider management
  • Preventative Health – Work Health & Safety solutions
  • Work Experience insurance

WHO is a member of, and backed by Steadfast, Australia’s largest broking network. Partnering with an ASX 200 listed company, a market leader in the insurance industry and an innovator in insurance broking, compliments our unique workers compensation health and recovery focus.

Our Vision

To be the leading innovator and premier health solution provider in the workers compensation insurance and people risk industry.

Our Mission

Through a committed and focused culture we will provide employers dynamic and best-in-class preventative health, wellness, recovery and early intervention solutions.  Successful outcomes will be achieved through disrupting the current market by providing a world-class customer experience backed by industry expertise, process-centered systems and robust partnerships.

WHO’s ability to grow, when and as required, to service the needs of our clients nationally is paramount. Our disruptive service offering, thinking differently in terms of focusing on health and recovery, early intervention and supportive national medical networks, is testament to the importance of a dynamic management structure. Being part of a group that generates over $5 billion in insurance sales, the largest in Australia, allows us to achieve our vision.

Our values and beliefs are demonstrated through the strong support we have for the Insurance Broker’s Code of Practice. The Code applies to the relationship between Insurance Brokers and their clients. It describes key service standards that clients can expect from brokers, as well as an overview of the complaints and disputes handling process.

At WHO we ensure quality and integrity in everything we do. We welcome challenges and see difficulty only as an opportunity to demonstrate what we can do for you.

Our Values


WHO operates with a customer focus in a disciplined, ethical, and honest manner, delivering quality and integrity in everything we do.

Agility and Flexibility

WHO people are pro-active, responsive and progressive in thinking, and action, where knowledge is shared in an open manner.

Personal and Professional Growth & Development

WHO people proactively seek professional and personal development opportunities. WHO creates opportunities for people to reach their full potential as part of a wider team.

Life Balance

WHO champions an environment of mutual respect; care and understanding, supported by our family feel culture.


WHO people welcome a challenge; we show strength of character, remain positive and outcome focused even when the ‘going gets tough’. WHO people see difficulty as an opportunity to demonstrate ability.