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Broking Services

Work Health Options is a full-service workers compensation specialist, dedicated to managing, negotiating and structuring national insurance programmes. Our focus extends beyond managing policies, to that of achieving our clients’ long term strategy, minimising direct and indirect costs. This includes early intervention, return to work co-ordination, management of claims and implementation of our network of medical providers.

Broking Services

Work Health Options (WHO) manage single state/territory and national organisations workers’ compensation programmes in the relevant statutory states i.e. New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. In Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia, the insurer underwrites business at their own risk hence we work extensively on behalf of our clients to achieve appropriate insurance programmes in the marketplace. The premiums and structure of our client’s programme needs to be relative to the claims management support, provided by the insurer writing the risk, and also reflect our clients’ early intervention and return to work strategies.

Regardless of who is carrying the risk, insurer or government, an outcome-based approach should be complimented with a high service focus from the insurer or scheme agent. WHO constantly monitors and reviews fundamental performance indicators that should be in place to manage our clients programme.

Privately Underwritten Environment

In relation to our clients in Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory, WHO are responsible and accountable to our clients for placing new business, renewals and adjustments for these risk states, also negotiating a fair and appropriate rate. This does not always mean that the lower premium will result in our recommendation to move insurers. We believe that the employer will always have a stronger bottom line if WHO work with insurers that have a demonstrated and supportive infrastructure in relation to return to work. This is measured by the expertise used when working closely with the key stakeholders including the influencers; General Practitioners (GP) and/or Physiotherapists or any other service provider.

Managed Fund Environment

In relation to the managed fund states in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, WHO are legally unable to invoice premiums direct to our clients. However, WHO frequently calculates premium projections for clients and provides advice on how the premium formula will impact in a positive or negative sense. This is a key fundamental aspect in linking the management of a claim and crystallises to the employer that apart from down time and casual labour costs, a financial advantage or burden may be faced. WHO provides ongoing communication and education, whereby providing our clients with all options for them to make the commercial decision i.e. impact on premium when terminating an injured worker.

WHO verify that the insurers’ calculations are in accordance with correct wages, classification and claims experience, thus adding another layer to maintain that our clients are paying correct premiums.