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Work Health Options environmental services are aimed at improving our clients’ environmental management and performance, whilst minimising the associated risks to their operational activities.


Work Health Options' (WHO) environmental services are aimed at small to medium size businesses interested in improving their environmental management and performance and looking to minimise the environmental risks associated with their operations and activities.

These services include:

  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Business Sustainability

Environmental Management Plans (OEMP)

We are able to develop Operational Environment Management Plans (OEMP). The OEMP assesses the clients’ current operations and activities, identifies the associated environmental risks and determine the best way to mitigate these risks, ensuring compliance with their legislative requirements. The OEMP also develops protocols and procedures to streamline and consolidate environmental and incident reporting across the business.

The OEMP is consistent with the international environmental standard ISO14000 series.

Our consultants are also able to provide guidance and advice through the certification process for ISO1400.

We can develop Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP) for certain development or construction projects. A CEMP is generally a requirement for all government and public tender development projects and must be developed by the proponent or contractor and approved prior to commencing works.

Environmental Assessment

WHO are able to assist in the development of internal environment assessment processes, to help businesses identify environmental risks, associated with their operations and provide advice on suitable mitigating measures.

Business Sustainability

WHO are able to improve your businesses environmental performance through better resource management, including identifying opportunities to reduce your water and energy use and improve your waste management.

By improving your businesses resource management you will not only reduce your environmental footprint but also improve your financial bottom line.

We are able to offer your business a baseline assessment of your current resource use and management and provide you with a performance improvement plan identifying opportunities to improve on your current performance. The performance improvement plan will detail costs of implementation, potential resource and financial savings and also include estimated payback periods.

This service is aimed at assisting businesses to identify simple opportunities to improve overall sustainability and provide a greater understanding of not only the environmental benefits but also the financial benefits of implementation.