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Alert 15 - Towing trailers using plant not designed to tow, and trailer landing leg safety

This alert highlights the potential risks when releasing the brakes of a trailer when it is not connected to a prime mover, towing a trailer with plant that is not designed to tow, and designing and using landing legs. Read More

Alert 16 - Falling objects

This alert is to highlight the importance of managing the risk to health and safety of falling objects. Read More

Alert 17 - Angle Grinders

This alert highlight the risks associated with removing guards and using incorrect discs on angle grinders. Read More

Alert 18 - Asbestos in Bunsen Burner Gauze Mats

This alert highlights the risk of exposure to asbestos in bunsen burner gauze mats. Read More

Alert 14 - Safety Recall: Polaris Ranger 500

This Alert concerns the risk of injury due to an engineering characteristic of specific plant that may be in use. Read More